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Inside All Of Us Is A Celebrity Struggling To Be Recognized

LONDON, June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Auditions. Call backs. Co-stars. We are all super-stars on the inside, but how do we get discovered? Ditch the job waiting tables because the race is on to show off your acting chops.

Rally your co-stars for a chance to prove who the bigger star is. Can you pretend you are at an audition and deliver the line "Eating a banana always helps me through the drama" in an Italian, Mexican, Indian, French and Jamaican accent? 

Or, can you play a crazy zookeeper and imitate farfetched crossbreeds such as a roar of a Tiger paired with the movement of a pig or the trumpet of an elephant combined with the movement of a jellyfish?

Those are just some of the hilarious examples of what players will experience in a round of Game For Fame™, the premier board game from Banter Board Games, now available in the United States. Game For Fame is the unique party game for all ages that fuses together a bit of theater and a bit of charades, which equals a crazy and comic combination of fun! Players work in teams to achieve super stardom, and then compete against their teammates to win big bucks!  The person who earns the most money and becomes the highest paid superstar wins the game!

"We were frustrated by the lack of original games on the market that were funny and fun to play with a group of friends," said David McGranaghan, co-founder of Banter Board Games and co-creator of Game For Fame. "We love getting friends and family together for a night of laughs, so we figured why not tap into our entertainment background and create our own game." Friends proved to be a great focus group and they officially launched Game For Fame in the United Kingdom in December 2010.

"Now we are thrilled to bring Game For Fame to the Unites States market," added Joseph Pitcher Game For Fame's other creator and Banter Board Games co-founder. "Game For Fame is a generational party game that will sure to have players rolling on the floor with laughter – what better way to spend an evening!"

Game For Fame is for two - four teams of two - four players each – teen to adult, for a max of up to 16 players.  It is available for $23.99 MSRP and is currently available on For more information on Game for Fame, please visit

About Banter Board Games
Founded in 2010 by two British theatre actors David McGranaghan and Joseph Pitcher, Banter Board Games is the manufacturer of the hit party board game, Game For Fame.  Currently sold on and select retailers across the United Kingdom, it was one of's top 10 selling board games in 2015.  Additionally, Game For Fame can now be purchased in the United States on  Made in Germany, Game For Fame is proudly FTC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC  (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) approved.

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